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alright jump.

October 6, 2009

so ive had this blog for a while, and wrote sporaticly on it while i read other blogs like they were going out of style. but they arent. so here i am. i need to write. it helps me to categorize my head and process my life and not irritate my darling husband with every detail of my everyday. So here i will irritate you. i hope that i write a few times a week, and i hope that its not trivial. (well im sure some of it will be, but thats ok) i dont intend to wax painfully about every step i take or diaper i change. but i have things to wonder about being a mom, and things to boast about growing our food, and i find solace in the community of likeminded though far away folks that i have been blog-lurking, and would like to step up to the music and join in. so, jump.

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