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April 6, 2010

spring is here, and with it lots of busyness. really though, this is my favorite time of year, full of hope and expectation and plans and lists. i do love a good list. the last time i wrote i meant to tell you about my perfect schedule that would organize and utilize every minute of my day, making my day quite productive and amazing. well, im still waiting to find that schedule really. and since it probably doesnt exist, and if it did i might hate it, ive gone back to being a bit lax. the day looks like this.
7am- we have morning prayer. we read on to two chapters of the bible while the farmer gets ready for work, we pray together and then we split. I walk the dog (in a desperate attempt to get him to poop only not in our yard, so i can clean it up right away and not find it all over the lawn or in little doves mouth) and come home, make breakfast, check email, have some quiet time. some time around 930 little dove wakes up, and we play, and then start our day.
i try to make it home or inside by 3 to study for a few hours- i think that its easier for my day to be productive if i dont spend the first two hours of it sitting down…

now that spring is here, im going to have to add in hours in the garden every morning, and trips to the satellite gardens weekly. this week and next my goal is to get the beds ready and plant some early veggies before i head out to chicago for beans wedding. i would really like the farmer to feel confident in my gardening, and to feel like he can really let me bear the brunt of it. he has so much on his plate already and so much stress, that i’d like the garden and food chores to be something i work on, and something he can enjoy.
heres to working hard.
lash the oars to our hands and let us pull.

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