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a night away

April 13, 2010

The Farmer and I will meet our 3rd anniversary on Thursday, so we celebrated a little early by spending a night in the Raddison Hotel, in downtown here. Little Dove stayed at her grandparents. (her first night away from both of us!)

It was a little hairy- the first thing the Farmer did was break the bed- now hold your thoughts! It was a temperpedic sleep number bed, and we all know how he loves gadgets. So he jumps in the bed and turns the bed all the way down till hes in a puddle of mattress. The bed promptly turns off and stops working. We spent a few minutes trying to fix it and then decided to try and ignore it- bad idea, we ended up both in the puddle. A little shifting of the mattress turn the machine back on just as we were about to sheepishly call the front desk. The rest of our stay was uneventfull (i mean, it was amazing. but in all the ways that dont need to be shared here!) but we have decided to stick with midgrade hotels from now on, i think they just try harder! The Radisson was nice, but now omg nice, and everything was super expensive (outgoing calls cost fifty cents! continental breakfast was ten bucks!) and we were not amazed. But it was nice, and the pool was nice and the room clean and spacious, and the cable worked, so really thats all we went for.

little dove did well her first night away from us, ran her grandparents ragged and ate a ton of food (this is normal) and was mostly very sweet. which surprises me, since her front two teeth are breaking in, and she’s a real beast.

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