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April 13, 2010

last week i attended my first ROOT (residents of old town) meeting. It was awesome. Since joining BlackSoil, we’ve gotten really knowledgeable and involved with the EastSide neighborhood and all the cool programs and events they offer. But the whole time its felt a bit lacking, since we live in old town. this is the perfect answer. One meeting and I feel involved and in, its nice. We spent our meeting discussing the upcoming farmer’s market season. Our market is now the Old Town Fresh Market- and i think thats really nice. We wanted something that brought to mind a market with food AND art, since this year we are expanding to include homemade and handcrafted art and goods. I also picked up an application for eat your vegetables- were making soap again here at the revolution house.
Tomorow I’ll be cooking up a batch of goats milk soap, some castile and some good hard lard soap. Later Im going to make bacon grease soap (mostly for in house use unless it turns out amazingly). The later two are going to be my first attempts at hot process (where you actually cook the raw soap to cure it faster) The goat milk soap should cure in two weeks. (which is what we got- i do love the art of procrastination) The first market and perennial swap is May 2- the day after bean’s wedding. The farmer and the dove and I are going to book it back to the mitten late in the night after the ceremony and the party is over to make it into the market on time. The three batches of soap should be made in the next three days, I’ll mill them on friday maybe before i leave? not super sure about how that will go, and then i’ll work up all the labels and signage while im in the windy city.

im excited!
here’s to flying by the seat of your pants!

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