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fall. and new rhythm (always)

September 16, 2010

fall is here. it sprung itself on us quite suddenly and i cannot say that i am complaining, just a bit caught off guard. ilove fall weather, and it makes me want to ride my bike everyday and go camping. i know. the things i should be wanting in the spring and summer. i want them then too.

also with fall is the desire to create new rhythm in our household. the farmer mentioned to me that he felt like we didnt have a rhythm, and it bothered him. so i have been giving some thought to it and im trying to fix it.

here are a few things that i will be considering as we explore what this looks like.

1) ive noticed for me that my day does not go well if i start it out on the computer. so while it might seem good in theory for me to get my studying or homework or research done first thing in the morning while the little dove is asleep, in reality, it just leads to sluggishness and procrastination for the rest of the day.

2) i would like to spend more time intentionally out doors with little dove. like 3 hours a day, no matter the weather. this is going to be a CHALLENGE (who wants to be outside while its raining) and i think it will be something we work up to over time as she grows older. but i have been reading alot about forest kindergartens and schools and man, there is just so much goodness to be gleaned from spending regular time outdoors.

3) i would like to have some type of intentional time with her everyday, reading, playing, tickling, dancing and singing (we already do these things, but i want more of it) she is already so so so so big, and i just cant bare to miss anymore of it! i also want to have more time with her with her friends, so we will be hitting storytime and other toddler activities we can find.

4) id like to have more music playing. little dove loves to dance. i long for old town school of music, and the wiggle worm class.

5)winter is coming. in order to stay sane, i need to exercise daily, and see friends at least twice a week. also i will be (hopefully) volunteering in the garden house 4 hours a week, and that will greatly help.

6) the farmer and i have worked out a rotating schedule giving us each a night of free time, a date night, and a family night. we are on week two, and i like it so far.

7) the farmer and i do better if we ride our bikes. it makes our lives happier and our breaths feel like living instead of sustaining. so even though we are strapped for time, we will be riding bikes more often, even in the winter.

8) the dog needs to be walked twice a day, since he has apparently gotten abit portly.

9) on thursday i have class and dove goes to her grandparents.

10) we need to have shabbat. we got rid of it because we were too strapped for time and it is aweful . everything about life is better if we have that day. look to the next post, it will be about what we do for shabbat.
thats all for now, here is what i think it looks like.

645- wake up, help the farmer get off to work, read and pray together, drink coffee (on the porch?)
730-9ish (whenever dove wakes up) – take care of the animals, clean whatever needs to be cleaned, start preperations for supper (ie start beans, thaw dough, whatever) make us both breakfast
9-12 go for a walk, hang out in the garden, visit friends, play in the park, work on the yard, sing songs, play together.
12-1 eat lunch, get ready for a nap.
spend the rest of the afternoon in quiet time, i can study and do my work while she sleeps, and work on handicrafts and supper when she wakes up. we should have music during this afternoon part, and supper should be ready when the farmer gets home.

our evenings vary, but right now its this
monday- we rotate. this week its a date. last week was farmers alone time, he went out on the kayack
tuesday- farmer has class and i have neighborhood group. this will change up as we take on a leadership role and start our own group.
wednesday- we rotate between dinnernight at jim and dannis (YUM) and haivng a night off (NICE)
thursday- is our study night, and we throw in whatever meetings we need to have here sometimes
friday-extra study night if we need it, preperations for shabbat and for me to work on saturday
saturday- i work, farmer and the dove hang out and we have worship, which is when our shabbat starts
sunday- is our shabbat, and sunday night we break it with a meal (with friends?) and then prep for work on monday.

things that need to get done more-
handiwork and mending ( i have a thousand half started projects and lots of mending to do
prepping food- i want more food made and waiting, like burritos and such so there is plenty of grab and go options
outside time.
walking the dog.
sounds good. hold me too it.

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