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30 day primal challenge

September 12, 2011

So, some of you know that the Farmer and I have been cutting grains and gluten outof our diet. We started feeling sick a couple months ago and went on a hunt to find the culprit. Since cutting those things, we are feeling TONS better, so we thought we would stick with it. I know that the list of things we cannot eat is starting to out weigh the things we can, but really guys, we are just trying to not feel like crap.

Goals- Me to loose weight and get stronger. Farmer to gain weight and get stronger. Dove to grow.

Today is day one of the Primal 30 day Challenge. We are going to hop on board because
a-We need to spend a little time being strict and while on Vacation (with the temptation to cheat all around) it sounds like a great accountability tool
b-prizes are fun
c-its always easier to do good when you know there are a gazillion other folks out there doing good with you
d- we are going to my Ma’s house, and cheating around folks who dont understand your dietary restrictions just makes you look like you are trying to be a p.i.t.a.

So, strict it is. You can find more info about the Primal Challege here

The primal thing is pretty cool, Mark’s website is full of folks saying things like, “How I lost 130lb and fell in love with Bacon” which is pretty inspiring, but it also features a whole lot of science, with awesome breakdowns of the most current studies and trials that are contrary to conventional wisdom.

We made grain free bannana bread this morning, (nut butter, bannanas, honey, vanilla, baking soada, egg) and zuchinni brownies (a little more complex, and a little less good) and we are stocking up for our vacay with lots of safe and rule abiding foods.
Here’s to a great 30days.

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