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September 14, 2011

Day two of the challenge is our first day in the UP. It was amazing. Breakfast at the casino was an all you can eat buffett, full of scrambled eggs and more bacon that I could eat. We fed all t wehree of us for ten bucks including tip. WOW. Spent the rest of the day touring the Bay Mills Indian Community. Went to a fabulous coffeee house, the Dancing Crane, and talked with the owners about selling our soaps ( in their gift area and Dereck toured a wooden geodesic dome and talked about wood and instruments. After that we went to the medical center and had a tour of all the amazing programs they have there. The center is named after an old time midwife in the area and several of the elders were delivered by her. Its a really awesome place with many different specialties all in one place to enable folks without any transportation to receive the best care. They even had a medicine man on staff for a while, funded by a government grant. (How awesome is that!) Carla took us up to a scenic lookout over Spectacle Lake and after many photos and goofing off, right as we were getting in our cars, an immature eagle flew by, right in front of us. It was amazing. Un describable really. We bought some wild rice from Carla’s Uncle and finished the day with a FEAST, grok worthy. Yummy michigan salad, red potatoes and corn for those needing it and amazing ribs and roast for me. The best ribs I have ever tasted.
So all in all a great day two challenge, we could have moved around a little more, but in the AM we will be swimming and sprinting and steam rooming, and sadly/happily moving on to Wisconsin.
Day two goals:
lotsa calorie rich primal food for the semi veg Farmer-check
low carbs and no cheating for me-check
Primal toddler- not the greatest, would only eat fruitloops for brekky, and one peice of bacon. Rest of the day she stole sweets from Auntie, but all regularily scheduled meals were good.

Ps pictures coming later

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