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new year.

January 4, 2012

Its a new year. Thats pretty awesome from where I stand, as 2011 was kinda lame. This new year has many promises and much potential.
Some of which include

Its possible that I could finish my paper work this year and sit for the NARM exam in 2013. That is Huge. Possible.

Farmer quit his job and started his own business with an old Co-worker. He has a whole shop full of tools (that he has to go get from florida) a building, and a whole lot of spring in his step. (

We joined a band last fall, and we are loving it still and getting more and more involved. (Lansing Unionized Vaudeville Spectacle)

Little Dove is not so little anymore. Infact, she can climb just about anything and then chooses to jump off. She also speaks in complete sentences and wants me to make her lips red, like mine. She uses the word green to indicate favor and loves to dance.

And so much more… By the end of this year we might be self sufficeient. Not in the way that means we dont buy anything, but in the way that means all of our money comes from us, from our own businesses. And that is a pretty impressive step one.

We are getting new housemates, a whole family, and that is exactly what I had been praying for. It is also a direct answer to me begging G-d to tell me why we have this huge house if no one is living with us, and also to the question of wether we are selling and moving to the east side. Nope. Not yet. Sorry guys.

Little Dove and I are taking an art class together at REACH, and thats awesome.

I started running again, and it is so much easier to start again this time than last. SO much that I might actually keep it up.

We stopped eating gluten, and i stopped eating grains. I developed migraines that came with more than just a tiny touch of gluten, so I cut it out. I make exception for beer and pie, just not usually at the same time and in small quantities. We have in general, just cleaned up our diets and we are working on cleaning up Little Doves. I feel a million times better in my daily life.

We are cutting out the computers and phones on fridays as a family experiment.

We are going to try to keep this up. And I am starting a project with my gal Cait over at “thread fast” we are buying no clothes for a year, which is not spectacular for some, but I like clothes alot, just figured out how I like to look, change size constantly and am really really good at thrift store shopping. But this should be awesome.

We will have a proper new years letter out shortly.

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