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things i hope the new year brings

January 16, 2012

this is a new year, and if we listen to all the hype (and not actually the scholars or people) then it could be our last. (though technically they all could be our last, for many reasons…. i digress.)

things I want to do or do more of this year…
1 run. alot. and get stronger and get tired less and go farther. get my fitbit up to 5 miles a day…
2 write. at least once a week, but in seriousness and soulfulness at least twice a month (we write, so to taste life twice…)
3 make art that is not functional,

_i interrupt this blog post to eat yummy chicken and go to sleep. tbc._

and we are back.
4 take the dove into the woods for at least an hour, at least 2x a week
5 finish my NARM paper work and submit it by Sept 10

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